Finally, you can order the first book that combines the concept, the tools and the insight you need to provide the experience your members and prospects want and value.

Managing the Membership Experience

By Mark Levin, CAE, CSP and Sue Froggatt

Who are we kidding? Membership can’t be boiled down to a single transaction –  it’s an ongoing experience. The only way to get and keep members in today’s marketplace is to manage that experience.

In their new book, Mark Levin and Sue Froggatt focus on the three things that matter most in the current membership environment: understanding  member needs; reducing the “hassle factor;” and mapping out a plan of action to consistently  give members the experiences they want and value.

Order their ground-breaking book now and start becoming the member-centric organization your members deserve.


Professional Speaker, Mark Levin (CAE, CSP) specializes in membership development, volunteer leadership training and staff development for associations and non-profit organizations around the world.